Dec 17, 2009

scrabble babble

go ahead! call me an ‘addict’!! i am myself staring in disbelief that besides being addicted to the game am actually blogging about it as well (and that am typing in between min. 15 games of “SCRABBLE” on the go on a social-networking site if you even care to know!)..there’s something about it that makes me wanna play it more n more, to keep up with my 90% winning score! ha!
i feel every 'relationship' leaves you with some new long lasting influences/perspectives, good or bad i shall leave for you to previous 'relationship' left me with much love for 'scrabble' (besides a couple of other things of course which i'll save for my future posts here!) coming back to 'scrabble' - it started out as a game for both of us to pass time n apparently to get to 'know each other better' along the way..i was playing against, and learning my lessons from an expert-cum-addict of the game so you can imagine how disheartening or challenging every game played between us used to be for me! it took me a good more than 15 games to actually manage to defeat him (my 'scrabble guru') ONCE! yeah it happened only ONCE till date but oh boy! i cherish that win for all that it is worth, though the feeling of victory was really short-lived (all of 5 mins. if you care to know!) owing to all the sulking, 'oh i can't be losing a game against a beginner n my-student-at-that so soon', 'i always play to win, i can't afford to lose ever' feelings :-)..i'd vowed that night that i'll NEVER EVER play 'scrabble' with him if it leads to such fights between us! but i was persuaded to think otherwise later..sigh..not that we play anymore (i don't know why!), been 5 months already since our last game..i'd almost given up on the game for long, but got hooked onto it again a month ago..with much practice i've only got better at it (well, i still don't score bingos in every game that i play but it's only getting better! ;-)..i find it extremely stimulating n's not so much about 'vocabulary' but about the 'strategy'! i have no idea if the love for 'scrabble' comes from my love for the language or my love for my closest-friend, but either way it's here to stay & make my day every single day! :-)
here' some fun stuff i felt like sharing which i happened to read on a scrabble-lovers group forum on the site where i play, enjoy ::
you know you're addicted to scrabble when,
  • you're not at all embarrassed after playing words like 'sex' or 'genitalia' if they're high-scoring
  • you have dreams about getting super bingos
  • you look up all the two- and three-letter words in your spare time
  • you have a certain attachment to the words that gave you high scores
  • you think about strategies during school/work.
  • you try to figure out what the highest-scoring possible bingo could be
  • finding a new Z or Q word in a book excites you
  • you get a rush when you suddenly spot a place to put both your Q and Z
  • you spend your Friday nights playing multiple games of Scrabble online
  • you talk to your opponents online more than you talk to your real-life friends
  • you try to figure out what your opponent is like based on what words he/she puts down
  • you have a certain hatred of Vs, especially at the end of a game
  • you get extremely angry when someone takes the spot you were planning to put a super bingo on
  • you sometimes play against those perverts trying to get dates because you know they'll let you win if you talk to them
  • you talk about scrabble to your real-life friends way too much
  • you know most Z, X, J, and Q words

psssssst...i DO NOT fit into all the points listed above, so i suppose i don't qualify to be an 'addict' AS YET! ;-)
babblingly yours,


Anonymous said...

So hows the new Scrabble guru doing? ;)

quaintkal said...

playing to win! :)