Dec 28, 2009

inspiring idiots indeed!

finally! the movie i looked forward to for sooo long this year released on 25th this month n i got around seeing it only yesterday with my sis in tow..again, i am not going to review this is just one of those things i simply feel like talking about..and i might as well warn you in advance that i'll come across as very biased, after all this movie has aamir khan (for those who don't know me, i actually find it quite difficult to be objective as far as aamir khan n rahul dravid are one of their loyal fans since the time they started out in their respective careers! :-)..and no my bias is not just to do with aamir.. i love movies which are full of wit n also make you ponder a bit ;-)

i read it somewhere that aamir would like everyone to watch this movie (nothing new!)..the reason i would also like everyone to watch this movie is not so that it makes more money for the people concerned, it is because it deserves to be seen by everyone in our country; and not just the youth but more so the elders! the noteworthy message in the film ought to reach everyone pronto..both the writers rajkumar hirani & abhijat joshi have taken efforts to come up with a story full of optimism, affable characters n dialogues which the audiences instantly connect with (like they did in Munnabhai series) ‘not-so-seriously’ talks about our ‘not-so-sound’ education system which encourages - rote learning, ranking system and appeasing society’s notions of ‘success’ n ‘promising careers’!

‘aal ij well’ works for me as much as ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ did few years back..3 idiots is a typical hirani style of cinema (reminds me of hrishikesh mukherjee at times) all the way with ample support from ALL its actors esp. aamir (can’t imagine the flick without him he absolutely steals the show as rancho..after tare zameen par, this is an effortless performance once again..i’d watched ghajini only for its unique storyline n aamir factor but i still prefer memento anyday!) and of course sharman joshi n maddy (i love him since his banegi apni baat days) n omi vaidya (he’s just too good as chaturlingam)!

few other things i loved about the movie : :

  • i want to watch it again to savour it some more!
  • cinematography esp. the aerial scenes shot over manali, shimla n ladakh…WOW is the word! am still dreaming about those places..
  • simple, effective lyrics by swanand kirkire (esp. ‘give me some sunshine’) n melodious compositions by shantanu moitra
  • all throughout the movie i found myself wishing for a friend like rancho in my growing-up years..well, it’s never too late to follow dreams with or without rancho :-)
  • it’s definitely worth being a part of my list of memorable movies released this year along with Dev D and a FEW others!

ooooh am toooo pleased as punch to write much! :-) :-) :-)

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