Dec 26, 2009

coping with copenhagen conference...

ha! so it turned out to be 'nothing' but a blame game of sorts aimed at achieving 'nothing' but yo-yo'ing of onus. no single nation or its leaders displayed an iota of willingness to give up their 'today' for a better 'tommorrow'! short-term political n economical gains held more priority at the conference over reduction of carbon footprints or emissions. it was 'business as usual' - 'business of endangering our future'! sigh!! a cohesive climate policy is not a 'survival' concern AS YET for a majority of nations (including India!) in today's world, except for a few like Maldives, Tuvalu, Soloman Islands, etc. (these will be extinct soon, if the sea-levels keep rising)!
but is it really enough to blame the politicians alone for this debacle at the conference??? i do've my reservations..shouldn't we as citizens have a say in this at all? since the masses are still either 'not aware' or 'do not care' about the threats posed by the climate change OR are still majorly fascinated with the ongoing economic crisis, it is coming in the way of demanding a 'safer' future. it is the increased awareness, change in attitudes and involvement amongst the denizens alone that'll make any notable difference in the months or years to come..
i feel too strongly at times on most of the issues related to environment maybe that's why i was looking forward to this conference with little hope. i really wish to see everyone wanting to save it not possible for 'us' to 'consume less' be it water, electricity, power, fuel, paper, plastic, etc, etc? protecting our forests, greenery, harvesting rainwater, using solar energy, cleaner surroundings, improved garbage disposal, recycling stuff, etc are also possibilities which need not be restricted to being on paper! govts. can do so much anyways..if people do follow certain lifestyle changes in their daily routine, i believe it would go a long way whether anything concrete comes out of such conferences in future or not..

till then 'hope floats'...

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