Jul 11, 2010

बस क्या god!

dear god,

am disturbed. very!

good things always happen to good people i have been told time and again. bad things happen more often than not the way i see it right now!

the 'good' person here is someone who means the world to me and something 'bad' is happening or on the verge of happening. maybe. we will know for sure in a month's time. maybe.

i do not panic when it comes to big issues or decisions in life and since he appeared so calm, cool and mature while conveying the piece of news sometime back, it was easier to listen to if not react or grasp. no the shock hasn't sunk in yet so here i am disturbed if not panic or worry-stricken. and all i can do for now is laugh about it alongwith him like we crack up about million other things in our lives and around us. the gang at his behest managed to pull a fast one on me even from that much-dreaded place. that is the kind of person he is. blessed with an incomparable wit and a creative presence of mind. someone i've grown to love so much over the last couple of years since the time i've known him. he never ceases to amaze me come what may! am yet to meet someone as crazy as him. i know my bestest friend will face this situation as bravely as he is and nothing is going to break or pull him down. am glad i can be there for him when he'd need me the most alongwith others.

my first reaction after i heard the 'bad' news was as always 'why him'! that's how we all react for people we love isn't it. this question never crops up when the news is 'good' though. we're like that only. us humans. the very next moment the question changed to as always 'who him'! yes god, for you he's just like million others you need to take care of am aware and that you will very well i believe. but the answer to 'who him' is very important for me right now. he's someone am in awe of and have looked up to with much respect, trust, admiration and love from day one. i know you wouldn't give him anything he cannot handle or does not deserve. so right now i do not want him or any of us to worry and i'd rather just pray that things work out for him eventually cos he's someone who has always done only good in life be it for his family, friends, community, city, society, ..

please please please take care of him god is my humble request to you today. and i only hope he comes out much stronger and happier out of this 'situation' in life! :-)

faith is all i have to offer. in him and you.

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Sushila said...

Well written dear... can undrstnd how hard it is for him as well as his loved ones, family n frnds..
Praying for him...miracles do happen..