Sep 29, 2011

bienvenue Octobre!

2 more days to go! and i feel as if i have already welcomed October 2 weeks ago with a barrage of positive news, people, health and vibes coming my way. touching wood is happening ever since. quite amusing though considering just how much i was dreading September this year for 2 completely different reasons.
so yes, as always i look forward to my eternally favourite last quarter of the year with bated breath and much melodrama! ;o)

in the next few posts, i will be putting up a few pictures clicked by me along with the poems composed by Suranga m'am. and no this is not a shameless plug :o) it is just me sharing her amazing talent with you all who loiter around my 'katta'. i find it amazing that the images i capture with a completely different emotion/intention in my mind is given another dimension altogether in her verses. though i do not post any images on my Facebook account anymore, i absolutely miss her 2-minute instant poems (and oh, i must admit here that i do not remember making even Maggi noodles in 2 minutes till date unlike what the brand has been busy claiming all these years!). 
photograph taken by me

Some habits die hard.

Since childhood, every morning,
post the hurry and flurry
of watering and cleaning,
Madame Tree, freshly bathed,
would look into the Sky mirror,
adjust her leaves just so,
and preen;

followed by
a languorous stretching of branches
in a mild movement of air,
designed to cook a snook
at the little bird on the roof,
watching all this avidly.

But one day, when she looked,
the Sky mirror showed,
instead of green,
black clouds,
imperiously rumbling;
and before Madam Tree could figure out,
the bird on the roof smirked, and said,
"The municipality has not cleaned
the storm drains this year...
so sit and enjoy your time
in the floods, while I soar
way up above the clouds,
watching all your fun..."
- Suranga Date

the original verse in Marathi is posted on her blog here. do hop in there!


Dzoli said...

Lovely poem and nice music;))

Arti said...

Hah:) Nice post Kalyani, loved the lines...
The municipality has not cleaned the drains!!
Love the name of your blog too!!
Came here from Kavita's blog, its wonderful...
Have a nice day:)

Ruprekha said...

Lovely poem, says so much.....
Wonderful photography!