Oct 29, 2010


all those who know me well, know just HOW MUCH since childhood i love this quarter of the year. and no, it is not just for all the festivals, the onset of winter, gifts, birthdays of my favourite people or the new year. it is all that and so much more. i completely transform into this state of being chirpier and happier. this quarter has always held for me in life, the promise of something/someone better. though last year was an exception, except for the beginning of my photography affair!

am madly, deeply in love again after a very long time; with myself, my lovely home, my plants, cooking, some extremely wonderful friends and family who have stood by me through thick and thin,
my crazy pursuits, my work, my dreams. life itself! i feel like i am the lead actor of the story/film on my life, thoroughly enjoying the performance and looking forward to the script/drama/music every single day i wake up. and i do not care as of this very moment exactly 'who' the audience is as long as i am having a gala time!

and yes, the 'bucket-list' is getting quite exciting and longer day by day. two words which define my contentment with the world in general and myself in particular today: space and pace. if these 2 things are in place, nothing could go wrong with any quarter of the year, right? ;-)

oh november! where art thou?

anticipating much,


Jason said...

At times like these, I feel Wayne Dyer has nothing on you :)

quaintkal said...

haha kuch bhi!

Tess said...

its amazing when you feel like that! its been a long time since i felt that way, unfortunately no time of the year triggers that feeling for me,

i guess i will analyse my space and page further! :)

Raaga said...

I love this festive season too... wishing you lots of space and peace!

Kits said...

Hhaha..love the idea that u r Wayne man!! :):) V nice it be. Made me feel happy inside reading about how content you are. I am settling in still - a week and things r happening. Will mail darling so to be taking care and cheers to this quarter lovie.

Vikas Chandra said...

cool..visited your blog after long..its my first tym in Mumbai facing such a season..but i love winters!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Hope u must have enjoyed the festival season.

Happy New Year. :)

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

you write well. Nice blog. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

Purnima@a creative project said...

Hi Kalyani!! Enjoyed reading it.. Its usually spring or early rainy season I feel like this!! You live in Malvan..wow!! saw your flickr stream..lovely!!

Parag said...

tera blog itna suna suna kyu hai? :P

quaintkal said...

SORRY for this superlate reply people :(
@ Tess: I do I do I still do feel this way :)
@ Raaga: thank you. and look forward to yummier recipes from you! :D
@ Kirti: LOL :P
@ VC: it's ok. i visited my blog after a long time too! :P well winters of bombay can't be compared with winters of anywhere in world! hehe..

quaintkal said...

@ Chandrika: thank you! i did. and hope you are having a great time as well so far :) :)
@ Anu: Hey! thanks a bunch :) Oh i did long back itself and been following your posts as well. sorry if i haven't commented still. LOVE your home, dear! will write to you soon :) :)
@ purnima: am glad! thanks :) yeah to each her own season ;) malvan is my native place. am based in bombay since childhood :)
@ parag: haha..not anymore! :)