Apr 8, 2010

long live mesmerizing music!

loved it loved it loved it, now that i've finally watched it! :D

came out feeling that i didn't have enough of it..that wish it could go on for some more time..that a lot more people could come n watch this instead of just the handful of us (read: 5) in the theater..that people don't know what they are missing in life..that wish indian ocean keeps coming up with their brilliant music for fans like us for years to come :-)

\m/ long live good music! \m/


Anjuli Dhiman said...

hey what show u talking about, I love Indian Ocean too!

quaintkal said...

hey gal..am talking abt 'leavin home | life n music of indian ocean' the film on indian ocean..u oughta watch it if u r a fan..man it's an amazing amazing inspiring take on their lives..it's on at only 3 theatres in bombay..go watch it asap!! :) :)