Apr 8, 2010

ecstacy n agony

exactly a year since i said yes to a proposition which led to 4 months of ecstacy n 8 months of agony..no regrets whatsoever except for that lingering feeling that i shouldn't have got carried away in those last few days..shouldn't have believed all words which were uttered, better still shouldn't have heard them in 1st place..sometimes people you look upto don't really mean what they say, i realised it the hard way..should have stuck to my original plan after saying yes to the proposition and got on with my life..but those words took me to some other world..instead of coming back to reality, for too long i stayed, and somehow i failed..in the process my life almost got derailed..aaarrrggghh!
today i wish to have only fond memories of those 4 months instead of torturing myself time n again over those 8 months..terribly cliched but here it goes ::
hold it true, whatever befall; i feel it, when i sorrow most; 'tis better to have loved and lost t
han never to have loved at all.
- Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Tess said...

I tend to agree with tennyson.

and for what its worth, its not always possible to measure in months. What if its an experiance that we wouldn't otherwise have known? How would we really weigh that? what really is the price of something against the price of nothing??

quaintkal said...

true :)

Rajat said...

love and you'll grow