Aug 10, 2009


09th Aug’09...10:45 pm

seems like yesterday
when i’d tears in my eyes
while i’d murmured those bye-byes
but today i only wish to say bye bye to those 7 days
of tears, agony, frustration n a sense o’ helplessness,
of being apart, for so long after so long,
of umpteen questions n doubts lingering in my head,
of impatience n insecurities,
of lying low n self-loathing,
of self-imposed house arrest,
of loss of appetite,
of nostalgia,
of mood-swings (it was even more worse due to me PMSing!),
of coming to terms, with missing someone more than i ever thought i would,
of waiting, for the wait to get over!
i’d also like to remind myself that my blogposts will more often talk of hope, positive vibes cos’ i don’t like it much when people (including ‘yours truly’ sometimes) crib, complain, do not appreciate who n what they are blessed with in life n give away negative vibes all the time. period.
coming to the naming of my blog link...a ‘katta’ in local parlance, as far as i know stands for ‘a tiny wall, a kind of a periphery’ but in marathi slang it would mean ‘a place where people meet impromptu, sit, talk, share, idle away their time n grow
up’. it continues to exist in almost every corner of Bombay (n one more thing about me, i don’t think i’ll ever come around to calling our city Mumbai!). each neighborhood, college, school or even a lone building has its very own katta where rich, poor, high class, low class, cease to matter n all come together. local in nature, it has a life of its own, a mood of it own, always occupied, always alive..
kalyani cha katta’ is where i’d wanna re-live my spirit, my memoirs, my days n things that catch my fancy...
ironic that the very reason i even thought of blogging is on the insistence of my beloved P. “do u blog?” is one of the first few words which he’d uttered to me exactly a year back on 16th Aug’08! so today i’d also remind myself to keep my promise to him i.e., to blog more often, atleast one post a week, if not more. not that i lead a very hi-profile, scandalous life to be covered in details here. oh well, but am sure there are things ‘interesting’ enough happening either in my life or in the world around me to be jotted down. SO READ ON!! ;)

~ love,


Jason said...

nice... thank you for explaining katta :)

Laxmi Salgaonkar said...

keeps the posts coming write well..

Vikas Chandra said...

keep blogging and tell us more abt such special things

Pesto Sauce said...

Guess every locality has a hang-out...cute name though-katta

Heartfelt Words :) said...

hmm... nice "katta"
when I saw ur blog address i thought it meant "katha"... good going babes... keep everyone involved in ur katta it's nice to raed memorable events! :)