Dec 1, 2011

welcome back, december!

dear december,
you have been waited for 
long and how!
all fingers are being crossed
right now.
fresh dreams are being dreamt
old ones are being re-moulded
or a few have been discarded
surprises are being registered
sighs are being heaved
smiles are being plastered
all over my fat face!
clarity of both vision 
and purpose
has been seeked 
and well, 'almost' reached
will be oh so glad 
and grateful
my darling december
if the joy and peace
i so desire 
and deserve now
will not be 
denied or ditched! 

heaps of love and warm hugs,
~ your fav. child welcoming you with open arms :o)


kavita said...

Happy poem ! Loved it ! BTW what's the raaz of this love for December ?

Tess said...

Lovely! I haven't looked forward to months in a while, but this poem just brought out all the emotions tumbling!

Ruprekha said...

Lovely!!! Yes, love the feel of December.... the fragrant December, the colour packed December ....
Beautiful verse.
Love to visit your space.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...


And also love the song that's playing here as I read it. :)

The knife said...

the equivalent for 'katta' in Bengali would be 'parar rock' :)

Anil P said...

Few months match December, though I'd have preferred Mumbai to be a tad cooler than it is.

Arti said...

Beautifully written! I love december especially for the pleasant weather that it brings, giving a much needed relief from the hot and humid climate of Mumbai.
Welcome back to blogging, Have a wonderful sunday Kalyani:)

sangeeta said...

December beautifully expressed.

Parag said...

Ek saal se katta khali?

Ayshwarya Revadkar. said...

Hey dear...where is ur new post...?

matichi mulagi said...

Kuthe ahes ? Missing u.
My mail id