Jun 30, 2011

frangipani dreams...

there were days when i used to wake up with these recurring dreams of a quaint little house in a quaint little town with dainty little bushes full of flowers and creepers as a fence. iron gates are so not my style! of course, there was a charming not-so-little garden surrounding the gorgeous little home as well.
ah! the garden had it all - every possible tree (with/without fruits but with a whole lot of shade), plants, potted herbs, flowers, butterflies, birds, birdhouses, feeders, bushes, vegetables, fountain, creepers, ferns, honeybees,...it also had one very basic sturdy little swing hanging from a banyan tree!
and there are 2 images that still remain vivid in my memory:
1. myself on that swing.
2. a courtyard full of frangipani flowers. and the aroma from the flowers stimulating my entire being.


in the real world though, my sister and i were quite fortunate enough to have a little patch of land for a garden when we stayed in the BARC quarters. we fulfilled all our over-enthusiastic dreams of gardening by growing every possible thing there with the much-needed help from our father (our love for gardening comes from him!). it was a secret little world we disappeared into after coming back from school every single day. we were deeply attached to that space for a long long time. we carry on living with much fond memories of our 'lessons and little adventures in the garden'.
and now i consider myself lucky again to have a quaint little terrace all for myself. it remains a poor substitute for any garden of course but atleast i get to indulge myself a bit as far as my love for all things green and gardening is concerned :-)). a few months back i happened to pick up the frangipani (plumeria pudica or wild plumeria) plant from a local nursery and it hasn't stopped flowering ever since. touchwood. day in and day out, the smiles of the flowers make my days worthwhile! if not a 'courtyard', they sure fill up my terrace and verandah with much happiness :-) 
here are a few shots only for your eyes!

all the photographs taken by me
and besides these flowers, there is someone else who knows just how to make my day - Suranga m'am! she instantly came up with a lovely verse for it after i posted a photograph on FB :-)) 
here are those lines translated by her in english for you ::

A hot and sultry May afternoon
at the family homestead in Konkan,
little girl cousins at grandma's,
playing in soft frilled white summer frocks;
the Sagargota stones have been abandoned,
for the liquid gold of the Raiwal mango,
squeezed,slurped and swallowed,
as is,
while the yellow gold drips indulgently
on to the pristine white innocence....

And while grandma takes a nap,
the creaking of the old swing,
the giggles,
and plundering of mangoes continues,
in the mind,
making you smile,
hot and sultry,
this Monday morning in Mumbai...

- Suranga Date

for the original delightful description and actual poem in marathi, please visit her blog here


Laxmi Salgaonkar said...

Love the pictures! I'm also pretty much doing the same thing....enjoying my lil garden in the balcony :) It doesn't matter how big it is....what matters is how happy it makes you :) Have fun...stay happy :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Those are some beautiful flowers! I'm surprised & very jealous. I've planted flowers and such before and never have I gotten a good result. Maybe I need to try again ;)

xo katie elizabeth

Parag said...

Funny. I instantly thought of Konkan after reading the first few lines. And so did Suranga Ma'am. Maybe cause we all are from Konkan :)

I never knew what these flowers were called, but I remember that as a kid, I used to pluck these flowers and make rings. My grandma had this flowering tree in her garden, so I have been seeing these flowers for many years.

ऐश्वर्या said...

i just luv these flowers...!!!
i hv them already.. :)

Ruprekha said...

Love these pretty blooms, in Assam we call them Korobi. Only yesterday I was marveling at the old tree standing tall with flowers at the gate of my father's house.
It's such a pleasure visiting your kalyani cha katta, love the way you have arranged it, lovely music...