May 19, 2011


that's what i happen to call my rose plant and this is my first rose plant ever! i do not remember us having one in our previous garden either. gulabo bloomed after a good 2-3 weeks in the month of april this year and i could not resist myself from capturing its pristine beauty :-) and as if THAT was not exciting enough, Suranga m'am managed to surprise me with yet another lovely interpretation in form of words :-))

here are two shots of my gulabo in full-bloom on the terrace along with the verse penned by the versatile poet.
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both the photographs taken by me
Wet aromas of mud,
potting, eggshell powder
and concentric channels in soil
holding water,
as the mud,
seeing and knowing a good thing ,
rushes to pile itself up at the roots.

The obsession with color,
and the desperation
to emerge beautifully bright.

It's only when the sun shines
on it,
that it is clear, that
despite the charms of color,
whether your mind inside,
is black or white,
or even a grey,
depends on how well
you mix with
a neutral society
around you.
- Suranga Date

You can access the original post described more vividly here :-)


Kits said...

Oh lovely shots and lovely words to go together too :)

Mehjabeen Arif said...

Beautiful.. Nice words..

New to ur space and Following U :)

Do visit me as time permits

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

The rose looks lovely..very nice color too.

Smitha Campbell said...

I like the first picture, the bloom leaning into the wall, meeting its shadow, sharing a secret.

quaintkal said...

thank you girlies :)
@ Smitha: exactly my thoughts while taking it :) :)

Pavithra said...

Lovely shots :)

quaintkal said...

glad you liked them, pavithra :)