Feb 10, 2010

class product from the 'factory'!!

it's so difficult to be simple sometimes... but this movie does that with utmost simplicity!

there wasn’t a single person in the theatre who wasn’t having a hearty laugh during the show..after wonderful movies like shwaas, tingya, sukhant, natrang, jhenda, etc. this is one recent marathi film which really tickled my funny bones..a very charming n delightful account of the making of 1st motion picture Raja Harishchandra by the awe-inspiring Dadasaheb Phalke who founded the great Indian cinema during the British rule..every Indian who loves cinema owes it to this man for bringing this wonderful magic to our soil..it’s compact (90 mins. only), with no frills / stars, witty, light (reminded me much of Malgudi Days, Charlie Chaplin), a very positive tale which looks more like an adventure..

Mr.Phalke a.k.a ‘professor kelpha’ comes across as eccentric, sharp, witty, someone who is determined to bring his vision to fruition with his wide-eyed innocence and a huge passion for cinema..you can only feel tender sympathy for the characters who appear sincere in their efforts in dealing with all the difficulties and opportunities present in that era, place and scenario..Mr. n Mrs. Kelpha seemed like a fun couple! i actually came out of the cinema hall feeling that even ordinary and powerless people can do extraordinary things :-)

..the script n dialogues were wow n ably supported by the brilliant cast n performances..the back-ground track n art direction were equally good.

halatya chitrancha vijay aso! :)

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